Low Cost Health Insurance Companies

Low-cost health insurance companies are not often heard about in the media but they are able to save you money on your premiums and offer you the exact coverage because they do not have a very high media budget.

Alarming facts about insurance:

Middle and upper income families are the fastest growing populace of those who do have not enough coverage to take care of any minor and major emergencies that may happen to them or their family. Those with incomes of $40,000 and more simply do not carry enough health insurance.

Those who do not carry enough insurance are known as underinsured. Underinsured can be defined as those who spend less than 10% of their income on their medical coverage. Those who have low income spend less than 5% of their total earnings.

Low cost health insurance companies can be found online and that is why this article has been written.To help inform you that there are companies that can help you with your medical expenses.

According to the Kaiser family foundation poll in 2000, 30% of families who have a middle income, $30,000 $74,500 are having a very difficult time affording their health care.

Another shocking fact is that 25% of Americans who do not know about low-cost health insurance companies choose unemployment because they can get better health benefits. Couples are even getting married faster so they can provide more health care for their spouse. Low cost health insurance companies offer similar coverage to what you would pay 30 to 40% more at a traditional company.

The US has become one of the worst countries that offers healthcare because of high premiums. And the companies that do offer low-cost health insurance fall beneath the radar, but yet they offer the same coverage with the same doctors.